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Eyeth Consultants, LLC is a direct hire company providing a variety of services including sign language interpreting (remotely or on site), CART, advocacy, disability awareness training, video content accessibility, writing or translations and mentoring for novice interpreters. We can accommodate services world wide as requested.

EC offers a cost effective solution to finding top quality interpreters who specialize in communication facilitation. Our interpreters are well rounded, meaning they have integrity, are trustworthy, professional, reliable, skilled, and personable.

Our interpreters are nationally certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). Moreover, they comply with the RID and joint National Association of the Deaf (NAD) standards for Ethical decision making. All of our interpreters maintain their membership with RID and are in good standing with this national certifying body by maintaining their Continuing Education Units (CEU) as needed

ASL Interpreter

The initial fee includes up to 2 hours of interpreting services. Additional time will be billed by the half hour. This price is per interpreter, as some request will require a team. An interpreter works with hearing and deaf service users to facilitate communication and cross cultural exchanges

Communication Access
Real-time Translation (CART)

The initial fee includes up to 3 hours of CART services. Additional time will be billed by the hour. CART services can be done live or remotely. After services are completed a transcript of your event will be provided.

Tactile Interpreting hands
Tactile and Foreign Spoken Language Interpreting

Tactile Interpreting is a standard interpreting service built into our Sign Language Interpreting model. It must be specified when the request is made. Consider using tactile sign language with a low vision or deaf-blind individual. Likewise, foreign spoken Language Interpreting is not a standard interpreting service built into our Sign Language interpreting model. However we do work with trilingual interpreters that can be dispatched as needed. It must be specified what languages are needed when the request is made. The top languages we work with (signed and spoken) are Spanish, French, English and German.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

An interpreter can connect with you (spoken or sign) remotely.

Video Content/Medium Accessibility

We can create accessible content for your trainings, webinars promotional videos and the like. We can provided captioning and/or interpreters to your medium.

Trainings and Classes

EC looks for opportunities to connect with the community but also ways to grow, support, spotlight, and sustain our community. One way we do this is through advocacy and training. Training or workshops can range from American Sign Language lessons, cultural mediation, diversity awareness, to ADA compliance.

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