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Community and Mentoring: Testimonials

It's a Small World

Community & Mentoring

EC looks for opportunities to connect with the community but also ways to grown, spotlight, and sustain our community. Looking for an interpreting mentor? Need disability awareness training? Looking for a resource? Check out the community connections below and our mentee/mentor testimonials.

Sarah Grasso

As a novice, concrete jungle native interpreter, my journey into the Deaf world flourished once I met D’Lisa Robinson. While accompanying D’Lisa, I found academic achievement, as well as successful employment with Federal Agencies. As a student at Gallaudet University’s BAI program, Ms. Robinson was a wonderful and passionate mentor, offering help and guidance when I stumbled, as well as applause when I excelled. D’Lisa waded through my excuses and doubts, never wavering from her confidence in my abilities, even when I felt defeated. She always saw me as the certified and accomplished interpreter, and held me to the highest of standards. These standards turned her vision into a reality, and allowed me to brave the NIC with confidence. D’Lisa invested in me knowing at times that I would fall, but she was always there to catch me; she would set me down right back on my feet, look me in the eye, and say ‘you’ve got this.’ Today, I still find myself expounding upon D’Lisa’s guidance; it has continuously led me additional Federal Agencies, as well as charitable opportunities, of which I’m proud to have been apart. The end of last year, I had a revelation as to exactly how much D’Lisa’s guidance had flourished in me. Ms. Robinson and I each booked the same conference independently and found our way back to each other. To have been momentarily placed on the same pedestal as my mentor, was all the reassurance I needed to know that D’Lisa lead me on the right path.

Jennifer C. Grinnell
LCPC Director of Mental Health

Eyeth Consultants has been a great partnership with Family Service Foundation, Inc.  We always contact Eyeth first when we have any Sign Language Interpreting needs and their responsiveness and professionalism and excellent interpreters is what keeps us coming back.  The mentorship program has also been such a complement to our agency.  At FSF we consider ourselves a teaching agency as well and Eyeth has sent interpreters they are mentoring to our agency and the collaboration is amazing! Thanks for all the great work!!

Patricia Pearl
Greenberg Environmental Resource Supervisor

I am so grateful that after many years of not offering an interpretation service for our deaf community, D’Lisa and her team at Eyeth were able to provide this support pro-bono. As a non-profit, we do not have a budget to provide this service for our members and it was a treat to see our gardener enjoying all the interesting information about different gardening techniques. She was even able to communicate with other gardeners after the event was over. Thank you D’Lisa, Nicole and Lucas!

Daniel Miller

Always on time, responsive to emails, thorough in their approach and the interpreters and CART person were professional. We have used Eyeth for all of our conferences, meetings and a recent training. I would recommend them to anyone. NO complaints!

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