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Choosing Eyeth

How to Secure Services

To Dispatch an Interpreter:

Email your request for services or for a price quote to An Eyeth representative will gather all the  details required to begin your formal request.

What kind of info is needed for booking?

Depending on the service you are requesting, Please have the following information available to finalize your request:

  1. Dates & times (include time zones) or your timeline when you want your product back.

  2. Location (in person or virtual)

  3. Point of Contact (while on site or online, who should the interpreters check in upon arrival or if running late, someone that can help if they need anything, or who they can seek dismissal from).

  4. Event description (what is this event, name of it but also the meat and bones of it).

  5. Deaf Service Users name and role (Do you have known deaf attendees? What is their role/are they presenting for instance?)

  6. Security information if available/parking (do they need escorts for instance are there layers to get building access).

  7. Do you have any preferences (interpreter gender/ethnicity/sensitive content for example)

  8. Will this event be recorded or live streamed? If so, where will the recording live thereafter?

  9. Prep materials for interpreters (prep material can be anything including, list of attendees for CART, slides, bios, agendas, a run of show, outline, scripts, media, ice breakers and so forth). This helps the team to start mind mapping in preparation for the event. It gives them time to look up concepts/vocabulary if need be. It is helpful for them to be able to understand the end goal of the speaker for effective interpretation. 

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