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Get To Know Us

Eyeth Consultants,LLC (EC) provides well rounded certified American Sign Language interpreters to both the private and public sector. Our interpreters possess a wide range of credentials and experience, with a service user centered approach. We are dedicated to people and understand the need for effective communication.

EC is also focused on giving back to the community in a variety of ways. We are committed to the next generation of interpreters through mentoring. Likewise, we are a resource to our community through advocacy training.

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We are here to make life more accessible through sign language interpreting and much more.

"....listening does not mean hearing, hearing does not mean listening, and neither means understanding"

- Timothy Reagan


Why the Name Eyeth?

Kelsey Young's wrote a science fiction novel called Eyeth. Eyeth is the mythical home of the people of the eye, where life and all of life’s conveniences are based on sight rather than sound. In this world, Deaf people form the majority and people who hear are the minority. The name is a folklore story in deaf culture. Taking on that name means we represent deaf culture and respect that language and culture are not segregated.

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